Why is my Facebook account blocked? How do you unlock it?

Why Facebook account Banned

Why is my Facebook account blocked? How do you unlock it?

Is your Facebook account blocked? Then you have landed on the right page.

This blog post covers answers to the following questions – Why Facebook temporarily blocks accounts, how to unlock FB accounts, and how to stop it from happening again. 


Is your Facebook account blocked? Know Reasons

Facebook takes platform security very seriously in order to safeguard its billions of user accounts and the massive amounts of data that are uploaded to the site every day. It can rapidly identify questionable behavior by continuously monitoring user accounts. In light of this, have you ever encountered the error notice “Your Account is Temporarily Locked” when attempting to log in? If so, Facebook’s strict security measures may have prevented you from receiving it inadvertently.


Entering your Facebook login information on a website impersonating Facebook or getting into Facebook via a third-party tool both result in your Facebook account is temporarily locked due to suspicious activity.


Facebook Account Locked (Temporarily) for Security Reasons

The security of user accounts is of utmost importance to Facebook. In the event that it suspects an account has been compromised, it will lock it until the owner confirms access. Actions that appear suspicious to Facebook include:

  • Over-sending friend requests and messages.
  • Automated software and bots are used.
  • An increase in posting frequency over a short period of time.
  • Too many group memberships in a short period of time.
  • An excessive number of recovery codes or authentication codes are requested.
  • Their Community Standards or Terms are violated by any activity.
  • Impersonating someone, creating a fake account, or using a fake name (debatable).
  • Spam advertising.


Facebook account locked due to Unfamiliar location 

The IP address and device logins are being watched by Facebook as one of its primary security features. Facebook lock the account if it notices a login attempt from an unknown source. We’ve locked your account because someone recently attempted to log in from a strange location, the error message shows something like this.

Facebook will flag your location as strange if you use a different phone than you usually do or if the firm notices a unique IP address. These security measures could cause your account to be locked even in justified situations.


How to Unlock a FB Account 

You can request to have your account unlocked in a number of different ways:

Form to “Report a Login Issue”

Asking Facebook for assistance through their Report a login issue feature is an excellent place to start when your account is locked.

Include a thorough explanation of the issue, any solutions you’ve attempted, and a contact email address. Include a screenshot of the error message you encounter so that Facebook can examine the issue. It could take up to 10 business days for Facebook to get back to you after you submit the form.


“Security Checks Preventing Login” Form

If you’re unable to sign in to your account due to security checks and haven’t received the security code to unlock your account, use the Security checks preventing login form.

Here you’ll also need to explain the problem you’re facing and provide an email address where the company can reach you. Be sure to mention that you’re not receiving the security code if that’s the case.


Facebook Identity Verification

Confirming your identity with Facebook is another useful form. This form allows you to demonstrate that you are the account holder by passing the verification check.

You must include a photo ID, such as your driver’s license or passport, as well as your phone number or login email.

Facebook intimates that your ID may be stored for up to a year. You can, however, change this to 30 days only through your Identity



Facebook employs stringent safeguards to ensure the security of user accounts. When unusual activity is detected, such as accessing the account from an unfamiliar location, sending out an unusual number of posts, or using automated software, Facebook may temporarily lock the account.

Facebook recognizes that not all cases are false. As a result, the account is quickly unlocked once they’re satisfied that you’re the legitimate account holder, which you can do by following the steps to unblock the FB account outlined above as soon as you find your Facebook account locked.

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