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With the new year, new trends in digital marketing are inevitable to come along. And that is good, as new trends and a change in mindset from technical digital marketing to anticipation marketing are offering marketers the ability to learn what customers desire and then feed that information into automation processes. This new way of thinking will not only increase productivity but also enable effective

With the increasing complexity of search engine optimization – and its critical importance in driving traffic – SEO experts are becoming an essential member of any marketing team.  In other words, learning about search engines and making a career in SEO marketing is always a good idea. Even if "SEO" isn't in your job title, having SEO expertise on your resume can get you a pay

Marketing refers to the activities that help a business market its products and turn prospects into leads. Marketing has entirely evolved from traditional to digital in the current digitally advanced arena. Therefore, it is accurate to state that an average person sees thousands of advertisements daily, whether traditional or digital. Coming to the topic - of Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing, traditional marketing differs from digital